Vray Visualization


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 The Instructor: Marwan Bijjani

Graduated with a BS in Business Computing. After Graduation I attended several art classes, especially in 3d animation, and I completed several Certificates and Diplomas from different schools and countries in the art field. After I completed my Certificates and Diplomas, I went for my MA in 3D Computer Animation and graduated in 2008.

Art had to be more fun to me then other things. I enjoy working on my models and bringing them to life and I dedicate hours on drawing, modeling and animating my assigned projects. I currently have a Post Production/Animation Company working on Commercials, Architectural Visualization, Professional Presentation, Motion Graphics, Editing, Photoshooting and Professional software trainings for Companies or Individuals (PolygonFX). I am also a Senior Instructor and Trainer at several Universities and Professional Centers. It is my goal personally to learn everything there is to know about art in general and specifically 2D/3D animation.

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Course Content


  • Introduction to Vray
  • Setting Vray

Vray Materials

Vray Lighting


3D Animation

Vray Rendering